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Our soft wash service is an effective and non-aggressive way to kill the moss and algae that grows on the roofs here in the North West. Our cleaning solution utilizes an environmentally safe chemical treatment and a low pressure water stream, to clean and neutralize algae and moss growth.

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Benefits To Our
Cleaning Service

Your roof is a major investment and helps to provide your family with protection from the elements. With the extra moisture we have in our area, it becomes a breeding ground for algae, moss and microbial growth.

These nuisances don’t just shorten the lifespan of your roof, but the moss absorbs water, increasing the weight being put on your roof. It also grows between the cracks and can cause damage to the edges of your shingles, leaving your home without the protection it needs.

Protect your investment, restore it’s appearance and give yourself peace of mind with our cleaning service.

Reach out to rid your roof of algae and moss!

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